ECID is a new luxury bag label. We sell high quality bags and accessories, handmade and designed with the highest demands to functionality and aesthetics. The designs are sharp, the material is sublime, the colours are progressive. ECID reflects the lifestyle of an emerging generation of bold, brave and fashionable women travelling the world. Our products are meant as companions for our clients, every piece serves its distinctive purpose and makes a strong and neat statement. All the countless inspirations, which flood our brains every day, flow straight into the products and the concept. From maths, interior design, nasty rap, pop culture and art to everyday politics:
we absorb and beam it down again. We don't trust normcore, we believe in strong,
dynamic women. Take whatever you can into your brain, and put the rest in your bag.
Elegance is our power, intelligence our tool and innovation our aim.
ECID is what we are.

ECID is the vision of Alex Molto Ka inspired by classics, trash, weirdos, high culture and tetris. Alex studied Product Design at IED in Milan and afterwards fashion accessories & luxury goods at Istituto Marangoni. She worked in Stockholm for AltewaiSaome and with Missoni in Milan.