Terms and Conditions


General Provisions


  1. These regulations provide for the terms and conditions of online store registered at:  www.ecidstore.com. The Customer may use the online shop upon acceptance of the provisions hereof.
  2. The terms used in the Agreement shall have the following meening:
  3. Online store- the online store registered at: www.ecidstore.com, by means of which the Seller concludes sales agreement with the Customer,
  4. Seller- owner of the online store registered at  www.ecidstore.com, conducting business activity under the name:  ECID spółka cywilna Anna Maria Wawrzyniak Alexandra Kamiński, with registered office in Poland, ul. Łokietka 46/2, 81-736 Sopot, registered under NIP (tax identification number)5851467611, REGON 222013723.
  5. Customer- any natural person, who is a consumer, having legal capacity to undertake acts in law pursuant to the applicable legal regulations.
  6. Consumer- a natural person purchasing products in the online store pursuant to Article 22 of the Polish Civil Code.
  7. Product – goods that may be a subject of sale via online store, hereinafter referred to also as    “ goods”.
  8. Cart- electronic form used to place orders.
  9. Order - procedure leading to the conclusion of the contract of sale, with the use of cart mentioned hereinabove.
  10. Contract-  distant sales contract conducted between Seller and Customer.
  1. The online store is retailing via the Internet, using shopping system available at www.ecidstore.com. For the use of the store, the Customer shall have a device with Internet access and a web browser and             e-mail account.
  2. Information available on the Seller’s website does not constitute an offer within the meaning of Article 66 of Polish Civil Code.


Prices and Products

  1. Unit price of the product is expressed in EURO and includes tax .
  2. The price of the product reffered to in point 1 does not include the cost of delivery. The Customer is charged  for delivery specified in the price list shown on the order screen, with reservation to point                   3 hereby. The cost of delivery depends on the option of delivery chosen by the Customer, shown on the order screen.
  3. Seller shall bear the costs of delivery on the territory of European Union.
  4. Seller reserves the right to change the price of the prices of the products presented in online store, introduce new products to the online store and remove unavailable products, carry out and cancel promotional activities on the Seller’s websites and introduce modifications thereto.
  5. The price of the product presented in the online store at the moment of placing the order is definite. Once the order is placed, the price of the ordered product will not change, despite the changes made in the online store.  The difference between the price of the ordered product and the product at a special, promotional price will not be returned to the Customer.
  6.  Customer shall recognize that ordered products may be unavailable in the stock room when placing the order, which can affect the order’s realization. The Seller shall inform the Customer about every case of inaccessibility of the ordered product immediately and return the amount of money paid for an unavailable product.
  7. Seller presents digital pictures of available products. Moreover, the Seller shall exercise all reasonable efforts, so that the presented pictures show the highest quality and reflect the actual condition and colors of the presented products to the highest possible extent. The colors of the products and  arrangement of designs/patterns on products  may in fact slightly differ from the designs of products presented in the online shop.
  8. Seller presents detailed description of every product presented in the online shop, including especially the size of the product and the fabric.  




§ 3


  1. Orders can be placed 24 hours a day, seven days a week throughout the year, excluding periods of downtime. Seller shall post on the  store’s website  information about every periods of downtime.
  2. Orders shall be accepted through a cart.
  3. When placing an order, the Client shall provide the personal data necessary to process the order, specified hereunder:

a)     name

b)     delivery address

c)     phone number

d)     e-mail address.

  1. The provision of the personal data by the Customer is voluntary, however if such data are not provided, the placed order cannot be carried out.
  2. The personal data provided by the Customer in order to process the order shall be truthful, timely and accurate. Provision of outdated and inaccurate data may prevent the realization of the order.
  3.  Once the order is placed, the Customer will be shown to an order confirmation, enabling to review the order before completing checkout. The order confirmation shall include the name of the ordered product, price of the product, confirmation of the payment method, confirmation of cost and option                of delivery, and Customer’s data. Customer completes the order by clicking „Complete my purchase”.
  4. Once the order is completed, the Customer will receive an e-mail confirming that the order was made. The message will include the name of the ordered product, price of the product, confirmation of the payment method, confirmation of cost and option of delivery and information about the right to rescission and information about the procedure of making a complaint concerning product’s defects.
  5. The distance sales contract between the Seller and the Customer is concluded upon the reception of the confirmation of order referred to in point 7 above.

§ 4

Payment and Delivery

  1.  Prices of products displayed in the online store are valid only when ordering through the online store.
  2. Method of payment for ordered goods depends on the option chosen by the Customer, while placing an order. 
  3.  Seller accepts the following payment methods:

a)    electronic transfer using electronic payment service

b)    credit card payment

c)    cash on delivery

In case of choosing the method mentioned in point a and b above, the Customer will be automatically redirected to the site of electronic payments.

  1.  The goods shall be delivered in a manner specified in the order. The order shall be sent.  Immediately, no later than within 7 business days form the date of order placement.
  2.  The goods are delivered to the customer’s address indicated in the order.
  3.  The goods are delivered with the sales document.
  4.  Upon the receipt of the delivery, the Customer shall verify the content of the package in the presence of the delivery person. The Seller shall be immediately informed about  every case of discovery of mechanical damage during the transportation.
  5. We use payment service provided by Blue Media S.A in Sopot, ul. Haffnera 6,  81-717, KRS: 0000320590.
  6. In the event of a necessity to refund funds for a transaction made by the customer with a payment card, the seller makes the refund to the bank account assigned to the payment card of the Ordering Party.

§ 5

Right of withdrawal

  1. The Customer shall have the right to withdraw from the distant sales contract without stating the underlying cause in  14 days from the reception of the ordered product, by submitting an appropriate written statement (hereinafter referred to as “withdrawal form”) before the expiration of said period.
  2. The withdrawal form available is attached by the Seller to every order. The withdrawal form is also available on the online store’s website.
  3. The withdrawal form shall be sent to the following address ” ECID s. c.,  ul. Łokietka 46/2, 81-736 Sopot.
  4.  The Seller shall inform the Customer about the receipt of the withdrawal form via e-mail sent to the address specified by the Customer when placing the order. Regardless of the above, the Customer is kindly asked to send the scan statement of withdrawal to the email address: hello@ecidstore.com. Sending a scan statement is voluntary and intended only to facilitate the  procedure of withdrawal from the contract and in no way will affect the Customer’s right to withdraw from the contract.
  5. In case of withdrawal from the contract, the Customer shall return the ordered goods to the Seller before the expiry of the 14-days term following the delivery of the goods to the following address ECID s. c.,  ul. Łokietka 46/2, 81-736 Sopot.
  6. The product returned by the Customer in connection with the withdrawal from the contract shall be complete, shall have tags and shall be in “as new” condition. The Seller shall confirm to the Customer reception of the goods referred to in point 5 hereof.  
  7. In case of withdrawal of the contract the Customer shall bear the costs of delivery of the returned goods.
  8. In the event of withdrawal of the contract the Seller will return to the Customer the price of ordered goods in  14 days from the reception of the withdrawal form referred to in point 3 hereof, to the bank account indicated by the Customer in the withdrawal form.



  1. The Seller shall be liable towards the Customer for the non-conformity of goods with the contract, pursuant to the Act of 27 July 2002 on specific terms and conditions of consumer sale and amendments to the Polish Civil Code. All the goods presented in the online store are covered by  24 month warranty.
  2. Complaint may occur in case of non-conformity of the goods with the contract.
  3. In the event of complaint, the Customer shall fill the return form. the return form is also available on the online store’s website.
  4. The Customer who lodges a complaint shall return the inconsistent goods to the following address ” ECID s. c.,  ul. Łokietka 46/2, 81-736 Sopot.
  5. Returned goods shall be properly secured to the travel time.

The Consumer who lodges a complaint shall attach to the returned goods a document of sale and filled return form.

  1. The seller shall  consider the claim within 14 days from receiving the return of  goods.
  2. If the claim is not accepted, the Customer shall receive returned goods with a opinion regarding the rejection of the claim acceptance.
  3. In case of the acceptance of the claim, the Customer may request that the product shall be restored to the condition consistent with the contract by either repair ( free of charge) or replacement thereof, unless the replacement is impossible. In that case the Seller shall return to the Customer the price of the product.
  4. If the Customer’s claim for the non-conformity of the goods is accepted, the costs of delivery the returned goods will be reimbursed to the Customer.

§ 8

Privacy Policy

  1. When placing an order, the Customer gives consent for storing, processing and using its personal data, including especially name, phone number and address, by the Personal Data Administrator of the personal data : ECID Alexandra Kamiński, with registered office in Poland, ul. Łokietka 46/2, 81-736 Sopot, registered under NIP (tax identification number)NIP 5851458611, REGON 222003386.
  2. The personal data is collected in order to  process the Customers orders via online store. Collected data may be  forwarded to third parties, for example shipping agents in connection with the delivery of goods, is only used to meet Sellers commitments to Customer.
  3. The online store created by the Seller is operating on Shopify (www.shopify.com). Therefore Shopify may have the access to the personal data submitted by the Customer. To learn more about Shopify’s privacy Policy, one shall visit: www.shopify.com/legal/privacy. By placing an order the Customer gives consent to entrusting personal data to Shopify.
  4. Apart from the point 2 and 3 hereinabove, the Customers personal data will not be passed to the third parties.
  5. The data shall be processed in accordance with all security requirements. The Customer shall have a free access to its personal data, the right to correct them and request that they case to be processed and be removed from the data.
  6. The provision of the personal data is voluntary, however if such data are not provided, the placed order cannot be carried out.





  1. The online store uses cookies, which are a small text files that are saved to, and, during subsequent, visits, retrieved from Customer’s computer or mobile device. The online store uses cookies to enhance and simplify Customer’s visit.. There are two types of cookies: permanent and temporary (session cookies). Session cookies are stored temporarily and disappear browser session is closed. Permanent cookies are stored as a file on Customers computer or mobile device. Permanent Cookies are used to store Custom’s information like login, In order to improve browning the store’s website.
  2. By entering the online store, the Customer agrees that Cookies are stored on his device.
  3. The Customer  can easily erase cookies from computer or mobile device, by using browser. The Customer shall note that once the Cookies are disabled, taking advantage of All features of online store May be disabled.
  4. For instructions on how to handle and delete cookies please look the Customer shall follow the browser’s instructions.

§ 9

Intellectual property


  1. All intellectual property rights, such as trademarks and copyrights at ecidstore.com remain with ECID spółka cywilna Anna Maria Wawrzyniak Alexandra Kamiński, with registered office in Poland. Any use of ecidstore.com or its contents, including copying or storing such content in whole or part, other than for your own personal, non-commercial use, is prohibited without the permission of ECID s.c.
  2. ECID is a registered trademark of ECID spółka cywilna Anna Maria Wawrzyniak Alexandra Kamiński, with registered office in Poland.


Final Provisions


  1. Pursuant to Article 384of the Polish Civil Code, these regulations constitute a part of the contract executed with the Seller
  2. The regulations hereof are available on the Sellers website www.ecidstore.com, in electronic form that allows its download and saving.
  3. All disputes relating to the execution of the sale agreement shall be settled by the appropriate court.
  4. To matters not governed by these regulations, provisions of the law shall apply. The legal relationship established under these regulations shall be construed in accordance with and governed by the Polish law.
  5. In the event that any provision of regulations becomes invalid,  the validity of the whole of the regulations shall not be affected. The Seller shall replace the invalid provisions with the new provisions with purpose similar to  invalid provisions.

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